When you hop in your Porsche, fire up the engine, and cruise down our Southern California streets, you probably don’t give repairs a second thought when everything is working just fine. Naturally, it’s only when something goes wrong that you get irritated and search “Porsche repair near me” on your smartphone, thankful for the fact that you’ve broken down somewhere with cell phone service. 

You’d think that when all is well with your Porsche, you shouldn’t give maintenance a second thought either. The truth is that maintenance is a proactive measure and you should always be mindful of maintenance intervals and when to schedule an appointment for independent Porsche service here at HOUSE Automotive. 

To help those who have never visited our Porsche repair shop get a better idea of what it’s like going through HOUSE Automotive, we’d like to help establish your expectations by touching on what you’ll experience with us. Read on to learn more, and don’t hesitate to reach out to our Porsche experts in Los Angeles with any questions!