I recommend this place

Came in for a clutch replacement for my Cayman. I had spoken to Greg via Yelp and the price was right. After the inspection, the mechanic recommended I change my flywheel because of heat spots and possible slippage. It was expensive but it would’ve been an arm and leg at the dealership.

My service advisor Jeremy was good at giving me live time updates about my vehicle. I don’t like being bamboozled so I asked Jeremy for a pic of the flywheel. Lo and behold, it did not look good. This place doesn’t just add on stuff to rack up the bill, I appreciate businesses with integrity.

I dropped off my vehicle and received it back the end of the same business day. My only qualm isn’t serious but it was funny. I have nitrogen in my tires. They set it back to factory standards and used normal air. I told J that I have nitrogen but I’m sure I’m the .2% that use nitrogen. No big deal, he felt bad though which was kinda nice.

If you have a Porsche that isn’t under the warranty anymore where you get certain free or discounted services, I would recommend this place. The next Porsche I get will be serviced here without a doubt.

Portida T.