Great Service!!!!

Wow! Can you say great service!!!!

I went to take my Porsche to get a PPI and Greg helped me out quickly as soon as I arrived at their lot. These guys are expedient and always on their feet. I was also surprised at how easily they worked the PPI into their already busy schedule and also kept in mind my schedule as well (I had to be back to the dealership by a certain time).

The crew at House Automotive are very professional and meticulous in their work and I was amazed at the quality of the inspection. They quickly articulated the problem areas in my car when it was on the lift and recommended the types of services to keep the car in good mechanical shape.
I was astounded at how they were able to determine if the car was in an accident by looking at the paint.

I had no doubt in House automotive’s abilities (look at the reviews!) and will definitely come back for my future services. Thanks again Greg, Jack and the other techs for helping me make a decision on my ’10 Cayman. You guys are great!

Alex S.