1. The Marsien – A Supercharged Porsche Designed for the Desert

    In a new article from Motortrend, we learn about the supercharged Porsche designed by Marc Phillip Gemballa, the son of late Uwe Gemballa, that is designed for off-road use, specifically for driving in desert sand. Called the Marsien, only 40 units of this cutting-edge, modified Porsche will be sold…Read More

  2. Porsche Launches the New Macan

    It’s that time of year again, when Porsche begins to unveil their latest and greatest models, and this one is truly something special. With improvements to the design, performance, and a whole new operating concept, the new Macan from Porsche is here — with all three versions boasting a signific…Read More

  3. Porsche Takes Another Step Forward In Going Green

    There’s no doubt that renewable energy has always been important to Porsche. Way back in 1989 — nearly 125 years ago — Ferdinand Porsche designed the Egger-Lohner C.2 Phaeton, which was powered by an octagonal electric motor and had a range of around 49 miles. Over the years, his fascination w…Read More

  4. Porsche Sets Yet Another Record on the Nürburgring Nordschleife

    5 seconds might not seem like a lot of time for most things, but when it comes to lap times on the Nürburgring Nordschleife, it is. A new best lap time was recently achieved on June 14 by Porsche development driver Lars Kern. Driving a 911 GT2 RS, Kern beat the previously held record by just a hair…Read More

  5. Celebrate 25 Years of the Porsche Boxster With a Digital Tour

    Although it feels hard to believe, the beloved Porsche Boxster is now nearing its 25th year of life. Needless to say, that calls for a celebration, and in the spirit of the new normal the world has grown accustomed to over the past year or so, Porsche will be celebrating digitally. In honor of the B…Read More

  6. The Porsche Museum’s Upcoming Digital Sound Night

    Are you missing the sound of engines? You’re not alone, because due to the pandemic, people all across the globe have been yearning for the glorious sound of the revving of Porsche engines during the Porsche Museums Sound Night. Thankfully, this year — after a two-year break — Sound Night is b…Read More

  7. The 2021 Porsche Taycan Wagon

    If you’ve always loved the Porsche Taycan for its beautiful aesthetic appeal and its unique all-electric approach, but you’ve yearned for something a little bit different, we have some good news for you — it’s here! Porsche’s Taycan wagon, which they are calling the Cross Turismo, is a won…Read More

  8. The Arrival Of The Fastest Porsche 911 GT3 Yet

    With its sub-7-minute Nürburgring Nordschleife lap time — yes, you read that correctly — the 2022 Porsche 911 GT3 is making some serious waves. GT3 fans will likely remember that the first GT3, which came out in 1999, recorded a lap time of under 8 minutes which was quite an extraordinary feat!…Read More