When you’re in the market to purchase a used Porsche, there are many considerations at play. Was the vehicle garaged? How hard was it driven? To what extent was it maintained, and was the maintenance performed by certified Porsche technicians? Unfortunately, it’s hard to know exactly how you prospective purchase was treated by the previous owner. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a peace of mind about your next used Porsche purchase, knowing the exact condition of the vehicle?


HOUSE Automotive Offers Certified Pre-Purchase Inspections For Used Porsches

As fellow Porsche enthusiasts like yourself, the independent Porsche repair experts in Pasadena are here to help. At HOUSE Automotive, our Porsche certified staff have performed countless pre-purchase inspections with the intent of helping our Los Angeles community get a better idea of the Porsche they’re looking at purchasing. While the Porsche brand is renowned for its impressive acceleration and incredibly precise handling with good looks to boot, it’s smart to exercise caution about buying a used German sports car. Sharing your passion for Porsche 911s, Caymans and Boxsters alike, HOUSE Automotive puts our pre-purchase vehicles through a rigorous multi-point inspection to identify any current or upcoming mechanical or electronic issues. 

Here are some of the most important things that we inspect your used Porsche for:

  • Range Reports for engine and transmission (taking the engine beyond what it was designed for)
  • Bodywork or paintwork done as a result of damage
  • Examining the airbag control unit to determine if the airbags were deployed
  • Assessing overall wear levels on brakes, tires, etc.
  • The possibility of fluid leaks
  • The condition of the drivetrain
  • The possibility of undercarriage damage

At HOUSE Automotive, our Porsche trained technicians will ensure that your used Porsche is not only road legal and safe to drive, but also up to Porsche factory standards. Of course, we’ll work with you to make sure you understand the used Porsche’s current condition and any necessary repairs in question, as transparency and honesty are the cornerstone of our Porsche repair shop.

Your Porsche deserves to run as it was originally designed – perfectly! Schedule a pre-purchase inspection (PPI) with HOUSE Automotive today.