HOUSE Auto Airbag System Maintenance

It’s fair to say that there are many important components of your vehicle. Would you say that the steering wheel is the most important in terms of control, or maybe the tires to keep your Porsche glued to the road? What about the gas, your brakes, or just the engine itself? The truth is, every single component of your car works together to make it what it is: a functional, well-running German sports car. In reality, no aspect of your car is more important than another, because parts rely on one other.

In terms of a collision, however, your airbags are probably one of the most important parts of your car that are involved. Beyond the physical metal barrier that separates you and the passengers of your car from the oncoming force of another vehicle, making sure that your Porsche’s airbags properly deploy is absolutely essential to mitigating the farm associated with a car crash. While you would always expect your airbags to work as normal, it’s still important to get your airbag system checked every 4 years after you purchase a new Porsche — in fact, that’s what Porsche officially recommends. You might not think about it too much, but there are a number of electronic components that go into ensuring that your airbags deploy in a manner in which they were originally designed.

Really, when it comes down to airbag system maintenance for Porsche vehicles of all models, it’s a matter of ensuring your own safety at the wheel — including the safety of your precious passengers. Not only is this a relatively simple and quick system check on the behalf of our independent Porsche mechanic team here at HOUSE Automotive, but it’s one that our service providers insist on performing to make your driving experience a safer one.

Airbag maintenances are due every 4 years, and after the 8th year, it is recommended to be performed every 2 years. When our technician performs airbag maintenance we electrically check the airbag system with the factory diagnostic tool. We check the airbag control units, impact sensor, seat belt buckles sensor, seat belt sensor, etc. to ensure all components are communicating with each other in case of an impact.

Reach out to HOUSE Automotive today if you have any questions about our Porsche airbag system maintenance services.