HOUSE Auto Services

Personalized Service with Genuine Care.

Your Porsche is a beautiful, high-performance machine. Just like how the human body requires quality nutrition, exercise, and rest to stay healthy and perform at its best, your vehicle also needs similar levels of dedicated attention. Of course, you don’t need high-quality synthetic oil and brake fluid flushes — but your Porsche does! Regardless of what Porsche model you drive, you can trust our expert team of independent Porsche service specialists to do the job right the first time. To us, this is how we were trained: to provide nothing less than integrity-driven services that leave you and your vehicle driving away as happy as can be.

Now, we’ll admit that you could take your Porsche to the dealership. But is it really worth the extra costs associated with their parts and labor? As an independent Porsche service center in Pasadena, we’re able to provide our fellow Porsche enthusiasts and drivers with services that won’t break the bank. Of course, Porsches are naturally high-end, expensive machines, and they cost more to maintain than the average, cheap vehicle on the road. But why pay more than you have to just to keep your Porsche in tip-top shape? The answer is simple: You shouldn’t.

At HOUSE Automotive, we take pride in distinguishing ourselves from other independent Porsche repair facilities with our unique services and amenities we offer. We strive to provide our clients in the greater Los Angeles area with the most convenient, smooth and easy experience when servicing their vehicle with us. We believe in the highest quality of care for your vehicle- all our staff and technicians are Porsche certified and trained and we are fully equipped with the latest Porsche factory tools for all our services and repairs. Our repairs include a 1 year/12,000 miles warranty or 2 years/unlimited miles warranty on parts and labor. We provide pickup and drop off services and rental vehicles as a convenience for all our clients. Your time is valuable to us and we take pride in providing our services without the long wait and hassle like other facilities, often times providing same day service for routine maintenance on your vehicle.

Our independent Porsche technicians have a passion for making sure that your Porsche runs smoothly. Whether you’re in Beverly Hills, San Gabriel, Temple City or anywhere else near Pasadena and Los Angeles, you can trust our “Porsche service near me” to go above and beyond the competition. Learn more about our Porsche repair philosophy here.