It’s very possible. The electric revolution is colliding with the automobile industry in full-force, and with big players like Tesla, Fisker, and even Audi (a sibling of Porsche and a child of Volkswagen), it’s only a matter of time before all major car manufacturers offer their models with a full-electric option. Someday, gas models won’t even be offered — but that’s at least several decades down the road.

Will Our Independent Porsche Repair Service Work On EVs In The Near Future?

Why the topic of electric vehicles? Well, according to a recent article from Rennlist, Porsche plans to “electrify” every model in a little over a decade. Of course, they’ll still offer each model with a conventional gas or hybrid engine, but dumping a lot of time and money into electric vehicle R&D is impressive and certainly a progressive step for the brand.

We’re not sure as to what our fellow petrol heads will think about racing EVs, but we will say this: the near-instantaneous acceleration that EVs are known for is sure to put a massive smile on the driver’s face.

It All Starts With The Mission E Concept

The Mission E, also known as the “Taycan,” kicked off Porsche’s EV campaign awhile back (we’ve blogged about the Taycan in the past), and this also includes the Cross Turismo version that’s quite reminiscent of the Tesla Model X. Not surprisingly, the Macan, Porsche’s best selling vehicle around the globe, is the next model slated for electrification.

It’s not clear as to when the Macan will get a full-electric version, but this Yahoo! Finance article may shed some light on the matter. It’s also worth paying attention to the Volkswagen Tiguan and Audi Q5, as the Macan is very much based on these models.

Yes, There Will Be An Electric Version Of The 911

There. We’ve answered the main question in your mind. We’re not sure how this engineering feat is possible, or how the ultra-precise, pinnacle-of-engineering feeling of driving of 911 will feel as an EV, but we’re confident that the geniuses behind the brand will pull it off. As electric vehicle engineering improves over time, we wouldn’t be surprised to see the 0-60 acceleration time to break two seconds…which is still something that’s pretty mind-boggling to think about.


Expect many hybrids to be on the road, and not just in the form of Toyota Priuses (Prii?). Hybrids are coming ubiquitous with modern automotive engineering, and their EV modes make them at least partially (or situationally) zero-emission vehicles. The already-existing and extremely powerful Porsche 918 is powered by hybrid technology, so this is a tangible testament to the power of electric-assisted engines.

As much as petrol heads don’t want to hear it, electric is the future.

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