Porsches were meant to hit the open road, flying up hills and shooting around corners with thrill and precision at every turn of the wheel and pump of the accelerator. A beautiful, fast, and well-engineered vehicle is simply a waste if it spends its entire life sitting in the garage or in dense Los Angeles traffic, and we’re sure that the enthusiasts here on our blog can appreciate that sentiment. 

Thousands Of Worry-Free Miles Ahead With The Best Porsche Service In L.A. 

To get the most out of your driving experience, you’ll need to make sure that your Porsche is in peak shape. That’s why it’s important to have a great relationship with an independent, certified Porsche service center here in the greater Los Angeles area — you know, a place like HOUSE Automotive. 

We take immense pride in our work, and we’ll make sure that your Porsche receives all of the work that it needs (and spare you of any unnecessary charges and “money grabs” that dealership service departments are so often associated with). Our passion lies in our work, and our work solely consists of repairing, servicing, and maintaining Porsches. 

Today, we’ll take a look at several great driving roads here in Southern California that offer a refreshing escape from the traffic-laden hum and drum of city life. If you haven’t taken your 911, Cayman, or even Macan out of the city on a quick adventure, our goal is to inspire you in today’s blog post. Check it out!

The Best Porsche-Worthy Drives Near Los Angeles

Pacific Coast Highway

California State Route 1, better known as the Pacific Coast Highway, does not span the entire coastline of the western United States, let alone California. However, it does span an impressive 659 miles from as far north as Leggett to as far south as Dana Point. This makes the California 1 the longest state route in California. 

Though the Pacific Coast Highway may be somewhat crowded in certain sections, it’s a walk in the park compared to dealing with traffic on the 405, 605, 105, 110, I-5…you name it. Plus, the ocean views to your side are a very nice complement to an already gorgeous driving experience. 

Mulholland Highway

You may not be the only vehicle on the Mulholland Highway — especially the only high-performance vehicle — and that’s probably because this highway serves as the most famous set of curves and windy roads in all of Southern California. Snaking through the picturesque Santa Monica mountains, this road will test your driving ability as well as ability to pay attention to the road when there’s so much beautiful scenery to take in. Let’s just say that your passenger is in an ideal situation when they’re cruising with you…

Oh, and for political reasons, Mulholland Highway is not to be confused with “Mulholland Drive.” We may service automobiles, but we do respect the preservation of pedestrian and cyclist access. 

Las Flores Canyon

This certainly isn’t the lengthiest stretch of tarmac on our list, but it does serve as an excellent getaway if you’re up near the Malibu area. Can’t stand the overwhelming affluence? Well, for one, you’re driving a Porsche, so it’s probably not difficult to fit in. Las Flores Canyon Rd. is adjacent to Tuna Canyon Park and Malibu Canyon Rd., but doesn’t receive the same volume of traffic as Malibu Canyon. 

So, if you want to throw your Cayman in sport mode, flex that gas pedal, and test your driving skills (carefully, as HOUSE Automotive does not condone unsafe or reckless driving!), Las Flores Canyon is not a bad place to do it. 

Angeles Crest Highway

The name “skyway” usually sounds enticing if you’re in search of a beautiful, scenic, and pure driving experience. That’s precisely what the Angeles Crest Highway offers, complete with challenging, sweeping hairpin turns and stunning views of the San Gabriel Mountains. But note that this is not a road for beginners; you should know what you’re doing behind the wheel if you’re planning on driving even remotely sporty up this twisting highway. 

California State Route 2 is as sketchy as it is rewarding for sports car drivers. A successful cruise will have you being fulfilled and grateful to be back in the garage once again. 

This adventure route is particularly ideal because it’s so close to where our independent Porsche technicians are located in Pasadena. Just hop onto the 210 up northwest to La Canada Flintridge and then you’re out of the city and onto this epic skyway. 

To Big Bear: Route 38

How does escaping Los Angeles County quickly yet enjoyable sound? For most drivers stuck in stop-and-go traffic, we’re sure that’s an enticing prospect. This 27-mile stretch of road from San Bernardino to Big Bear offers another challenging series of turns for drivers, but with sweeping mountain views (particularly San Gorgonio Mountain). 

Keep It Safe (And Have Fun) With HOUSE Automotive By Your Side

Year-round, Southern California offers plenty of excellent driving that doesn’t involve wasting your life in stop-and-go traffic. All you need to do? Go out there and experience those roads! Take Saturday, Sunday, or even a weekday off with your significant other and choose a destination. Trust us when we say that you won’t regret it. 

To keep your Porsche in stellar running condition, make sure to visit HOUSE Automotive for independent Porsche service in Pasadena, Encino, and the greater L.A. area.

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