Everyone should be concerned about the climate and the future of our planet. Investing in clean energy is essential to the future of our climate and Porsch seems to understand that. In today’s blog post, HOUSE Automotive discusses Porsch’s latest startup investment and how they are working towards more sustainable energy.


Porsche Ventures has recently become a shareholder in a startup called 1KOMMA5°. The Hamburg-based startup has set itself a goal of helping to expand the carbon-neutral energy market. Their goal is to accelerate the transition to carbon neutral energy.

Working Toward Carbon Neutral Energy

1KOMMA5 is working hard to acquire interests in leading electrical installation companies across Europe with a focus on renewable energies. These include companies providing energy storage, heat pumps, and solar self-supply. 1KOMMA5° supports these companies with the centralisation of administrative tasks, and digitization efforts. It also provides growth capital.

Smart Cities

Porsche has shown with this investment, its interest in helping accelerate the transition to sustainability. A spokesperson from Porsche AG said they were especially interested in the topic of Smart Cities. “At Porsche, we are asking ourselves a question: how can we further enhance the quality of life in urban areas? And not only on four wheels, but also with more extensive premium offers. In this respect, 1KOMMA5° fits perfectly into our investment strategy,” said Lutz Meschke, Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board and Member of the Executive Board for Finance and IT at Porsche AG.

One- Stop Sustainability Shop

1KOMMA5° is aiming to invest 100 million Euros into new acquisitions in the next two years. They want to become a go-to for sustainability by introducing carbon-neutral homes and offices to a wider audience. They believe that everyone can make their home carbon-neutral and save money in the process.

Evidently, Porsche has a vested interest in protecting the environment and moving to a more sustainable form of energy. Protecting the planet is everyone’s responsibility and we are happy to see companies doing their part.

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