A totally tricked out Tesla Model S will set you back about $133,000. If you go all out and get a Porsche Taycan Turbo S with all of the bells and whistles, it will drain your bank account of around $250,000.

Now, on the surface, it looks as though the Model S would be the better deal. A bargain if you will. But there are several reasons you should go with the Taycan. HOUSE Automotive, your Porsche specialist in Pasadena, offers the reasons the Taycan is a better buy than the Model S.

Uncluttered Cluster

The Taycan has four displays integrated into the dashboard. There is a gauge for everything and a host of information is right there for you to see. Which is nice most of the time. However, when you are enjoying a lively drive on a lazy Sunday afternoon, this much information can be distracting.

Porsche engineers were thinking outside the box when they designed the Taycan. The Taycan features a pure mode that blacks out everything on the display except the speedometer. That is pretty basic right there. This way, you can enjoy your drive and not be distracted by a lot of unwanted information.

Grab Handles

As you are in the passenger seat enjoying whipping around a few mean mountain curves, it is second nature to grab ahold of something. Lucky for you, the Taycan has grab handles. There is even one for the driver. The Tesla doesn’t have any, so you are left to white knuckle the dash.

Digital Assistant

Step into the Taycan, drop down in the seat, start up the engine, say “Hey Porsche” and the magic will begin.

Porsche opted to drastically reduce the knobs and buttons in the Taycan for fully-customizable digital touchscreen displays. They also incorporated the use of a voice assistant to access all of the vehicle’s functions.

Better Support

In the world of auto manufacturers, Tesla is a relatively new company, and it shows in the after-sales support. Porsche doesn’t have that problem. With a worldwide support system of trained engineers and service centers, they have the resources to adequately cater to the needs of all of their customers.

It’s Practical

The Model S can travel nearly 375 miles on a single charge, Tesla has mastered the craft of building vehicles with long-range capabilities. The Taycan can only travel just over 200 miles on a charge.

But what is important is that the Taycan is still the more practical choice for everyday driving.

Fast Charging

Porsche technology has allowed the Taycan to charge from 5% to 80% in just over 20 minutes.


The Taycan may be an electric vehicle, but it is still a sports car. The same cannot be said of the Model S.

Visually Appealing

Line a Taycan and a Model S next to each other and decide which you would rather drive based on design. The Model S is pretty simplistic and bland by comparison.

Better Handling

Great handling is one of the reasons you buy a Porsche. They wrote the book on handling and it shows when you take it for a drive.

Brand Appeal

Porsche boasts a rich history and brand appeal. Tesla might be the cool new kid on the block, but there is little to brag about there.

Apple CarPlay

This is a really cool feature you won’t see in the Model S. Apple CarPlay enables you to make phone calls, get directions or enjoy all of your favorite music from your playlists. This wonderful feature comes standard in all Taycan models.

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