Here at HOUSE Automotive, we’re not afraid to admit that we’re not just certified independent Porsche service providers, we’re also certifiably crazy about all things Porsche. As such, we often find ourselves deeply engaged and interested in much of the minutiae, trivia, and fun facts that each of us knows about Porsche, his company, and his cars.


In today’s blog, we’ve pooled our collective car memories to come up with a list of fun, unique, or little-known facts about some of the most popular and iconic cars on the planet: Porsches. Read on to learn more, and remember that when you’re Porsche needs top-notch service from certified Porsche mechanics, you can trust HOUSE Automotive. Our service won’t void your Porsche factory warranty.


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Ferdinand Porsche Likely Invented The First Hybrid Car

The future maker of one of the most iconic automobiles ever made is credited with having designed the world’s first gasoline-electric hybrid car at the spiteful age of 25. The “Semper Vivus” was also the first car to sport brakes on all four wheels.

Porsche Designed The Volkswagen Beetle

Despite having less than a glamorous place in history, the Volkswagen Beetle was created by Porsche in 1934 and remains one of the most easily recognizable cars ever made.

Only One Factory Makes The Most Popular Porsche

That’s right. The Porsche 911 is only fabricated at one place on earth. That sacred space? The Porsche factory in Stuttgart, Germany.

They Produce Over 100 911s Each Day

On average, the Stuttgart factory turns out about 110 911s each operating day.

Porsches Have Won More Races Than Any Other Brand of Car

Enough said on that one. Unless you were curious about the number. In which case you should know that it’s right around 24,000.


Porsche Created a Four-wheel Drive Formula One Car

Carrying the name of 360 Cisitalia, this uniquely designed racecar had a top speed of 200mph generated by her 385hp. However, changes to the rules of the event and unexpected collapse in funding for the car meant that the 360 Cisitalia never had the chance to compete.

Classic Porsches Could Still Win At The Track

If allowed to compete in today’s auto racing environment, a number of older Porsches could perform outstandingly, depending on the series they were running in. For example, the Porsche 917 could exceed 1,000hp and reach 240mph.

Porsche Designed Tractors

Porsche, like many older European auto manufacturers, also has an impressive history of quality tractor making. So much so that Ferdinand Porsche was requested to submit designs and prototypes for some of Germany’s most iconic tanks, including the German Tiger.

They Also Make Really Nice Forklifts

This too. Year in and year out they win awards for their designing of Linde Material Handling’s units.

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