Driving a stick shift is a wonderful thing. Driving a stick in heavy, rush hour traffic is not a wonderful thing, but the moment you hit those open canyon roads outside of the city is the moment where pure joy meets the driving experience. Driving a manual isn’t just something to boast about it, either. Dedicated stick shift drivers like to bash on automatic transmissions.

Now, your preferred choice of transmission often comes down to what you drive. You’re simply not going to find a Cayenne in a stick, but you’d be hard pressed to find a 911 without three pedals. If you do, shame on you. Driving a high-performance sports car without total control of the gears is just plain wrong.

Porsche Transmission Service And More In Los Angeles

At the end of the day, you probably own a Porsche if you’re visiting our independent Porsche repair shop in Los Angeles, so we’ll give you a pass if you drive an automatic. We’ll even do Porsche transmission service for you if necessary.

Though we’ve done a comparison on automatics and stick shifts in the past, here are several great reasons why we think manuals are more fun.

You Have The Satisfaction Of A Perfect Gear Shift

Ah, nothing beats the feeling of that buttery smooth shift from second to third gear. A shift well done is a rewarding experience, and guess what? You have to shift gears all of the time when you drive, so it’s an experience that keeps on giving.

The Power Is In Your Hands (And Feet)

It’s true that automatic transmissions have gotten a lot better in recent years. But older autos are clunky and sometimes shift gears unpredictably. Driving a stick means that you always have control over the exact moment that you’d like your car to change gears. That level of control is such a beautiful thing that maybe more politicians should be driving manuals.

They’re Less Complicated To Repair

Replacing a clutch isn’t cheap or easily done by an amateur mechanic, but try working on an automatic transmission. It certainly isn’t any easier, nor is it any cheaper.

They’re Safer

How can one type of transmission be safer than the other? It’s not about the mechanics of the components themselves, but it comes down to the engagement of the driving experience.

Stick shifts force you to pay more attention to…you know, driving. In an automatic, you have an extra hand that should be on the wheel, but instead is usually doing something like holding a book, applying make-up, or browsing through Spotify. Since you need to think about both of your feet and both of your hands as you shift through the gears, you’re less likely to be distracted simply because you have fewer available appendages.

Bring Your Ride In For Independent Porsche Service In Pasadena And Encino

If you’re missing a third pedal, don’t worry; we’re not going to judge you. We’ll treat you with dignity and respect that we give all of our Porsche-owning customers. Schedule an appointment today with the team at HOUSE Automotive.

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