Connecting With The Southern California Porsche Community

If you’ve spent any time following our blog or Instagram posts, you might be able to tell that we’re pretty passionate about Porsche-related news. What can we say? We’re fortunate enough to work in an industry that aligns with our passions. Day in and day out, our independent Porsche mechanics in Pasadena get to work with grease, gears, and happy fellow Porsche owners alike. There are quite a few people living in the greater Southern California area, so it probably wouldn’t surprise you that there are many Porsche lovers in the area.

Supporting Fellow Enthusiasts As Your Go-To Independent Porsche Repair Shop

From lifted, off-road Cayennes to classic, air-cooled 911s, we see it all on a weekly basis. It truly brings us joy to make sure that everyone’s vehicle is running smoothly and safely. After all, the incredible performance and smooth ride that Porsche is known for necessitates unparalleled maintenance, and we firmly believe that we provide that service. Our customers also agree!  

Read on to learn a little bit more about a few of the local Porsche owners clubs in the area as well as another fun Porsche-centric location we like to frequent.

Porsche Club of America — Los Angeles Region

PCA is perhaps the most well-known and established Porsche owners club in the United States, as the name would imply. With over 1,800 diverse Porsche owners proudly representing the Los Angeles chapter of this national club, we commonly see young drivers and even young kids (don’t worry, the parents are driving!) all the way to those who have owned several generations of Porsches.

We love this club because they throw a number of local events, often for a great cause. This gives us a chance to connect with fellow enthusiasts and reassure them that if they’re in need of a reliable Porsche repair expert, we’re the shop for them.

The 356 Club of Southern California

This Porsche owners club is interesting because it’s definitely what you’d consider “niche”: as the name would suggest, this club is dedicated to the appreciation of the original 356. Of course, there are only so many 356s in Southern California, so The 356 Club can be joined whether or not you actually own one of these beautiful machines. Simple appreciation and respect for this model are all that they require!

Porsche Experience Center — Los Angeles

If you’re in search of an authentic Porsche experience but you just don’t have the time to travel on over to Germany, don’t worry because the perfect afternoon is waiting for you at Los Angeles’ Porsche Experience Center. Their signature 4-mile “driver development” track is a central point of attraction, allowing everyday people to hop in their desired model of Porsche and drive around with a certified driving coach from Porsche.

There’s no doubt that we routinely witness regular folks transforming into total Porsche gearheads at this venue.

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That’s us, and we couldn’t be more proud to do what we do. Questions or concerns? We’d love to hear your feedback! Get in touch with HOUSE Automotive today.

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