We’re human. We all make mistakes from time to time, but there’s really no worse feeling than seeing your rearview mirror light up with red and blue or watching your rev needle idle to a halt after realizing that you’ve run out of gas. Using automobiles for personal transportation truly is a beautiful thing, at least in the sense that it’s convenient and, if you’re not stuck in gridlock traffic on the 101, enjoyable, too. Well, if you’re driving around in a Porsche, that is.

Driving Is Fun But Should Be Taken Seriously

However, regardless of what you’re driving, you’re not immune to making critical (or even minor) mistakes at the wheel. Remember that you are operating a multi-ton machine capable of reaching very high speeds in no time at all. Not only that, but you’re navigating an urban landscape full of other people doing the same — and the only control you have over them is how you react.

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Anyhow, safe driving lecture aside, Pasadena’s best Porsche service team here at HOUSE Automotive figured that it made sense to cover some of the most typical driving mistakes made by drivers in Los Angeles, the United States, and even all over the world. If your Porsche needs some love and it’s not a mistake of your own, don’t worry. We have you covered! From Porsche Cayman service to Porsche 911 service and so much more, our independent repair experts can handle the job at a fraction of what the dealership charges. Learn more about how we do things at HOUSE Automotive today.

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Failing To Buckle Up

For the love of the entire Porsche brand and the sake of your life, please, please use your seatbelt. It’s always there, and it takes about three seconds to secure yourself. If anything, this is driving safety 101 right there, and we shouldn’t even have to mention this — especially when it comes to a high-performance vehicle like a Porsche.

Focusing On Your Phone More Than The Road Ahead

Texting and driving has been a well-known problem for years and years. There have been too many unfortunate and otherwise preventable accidents as a result of distracted driving. Of course, these days, a good amount of mobile device usage revolves around changing your song on Spotify or another music streaming app, but that doesn’t change the fact that you’re not looking at the road ahead of you. Save the phone usage for stop lights — better yet, just don’t use it when you’re driving whatsoever.

Failing To Use Your Turn Signal

You’re not a BMW driver, so use your turn signal. We joke! HOUSE Automotive has nothing against the BMW brand or BMW drivers, but we don’t want our fellow Porsche drivers to get a bad rep just because we’re failing to use our turn signals. The stalk is literally right there in front of you, and helps other drivers on the road know what your intentions are and where you’re going. Like your seatbelt, there’s really no reason not to use your turn signal. Plus, it’s also mandated by the law.

Failing To Fully Stop At Stop Signs

Let us emphasize the “fully” part of this common driving mistake. Dubbed by many as the “California Stop,” slowing down at a stop sign and not coming to a complete stop seems to be so common in our home state that the moniker has become synonymous with our drivers. That’s not good. Not only can running a stop sign or even stopping incompletely land you a pricey ticket, but it can also cause an accident.

Failing To Check Blind Spots Before You Merge Or Change Lanes

Driving at the wheel is a terrible time to be lazy. Your mirrors aren’t enough to rely on in order to ensure that you’re safety changing lanes. Even cleverly-designed vehicles still have blind spots, while others have notoriously massive ones. Be safe and smart by scanning the area and make sure that there are no cars in your immediate vicinity before you make moves.


Let us again be clear that HOUSE Automotive does not condone dangerous or reckless driving, and yes, that includes basic speeding. Sure, you’re driving a high-performance machine capable of reaching the maximum speed limit in mere seconds, but there’s a time and place for driving it like you stole it. That place is a closed-off racetrack, not public roads where anything could happen at any time.

Running Red Lights

In the land of Southern California traffic and rush hour mentality, running red lights is something that’s all too common. While we’re hardly the only place in the world where this happens, we tend to see it quite a lot. Don’t think that just because you drive a high-performance vehicle, that gives you the right to run reds. This is sure to lead to a fatal accident. Instead, just stop at the light!

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