Have you ever checked out Jay Leno’s Garage or Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee with Jerry Seinfeld? It doesn’t take extensive research online to know that tons of famous celebrities enjoy the art of vehicle. From classics like iconic 1963 Chevrolet Stingray and 1991 Lamborghini Diablo to the ultra-futuristic McLaren P1, there are a number of celebrities out there who also happen to be die-hard car enthusiasts. It’s fair to say that there are worse ways to squander money accumulated from a successful career…right?

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Fantasizing about having a massive car collection aside, we are blessed to work with our favorite automotive brand on planet Earth: Porsche! HOUSE Automotive takes pride in serving the greater Los Angeles area through our Porsche service center in Pasadena. From a routine Porsche oil change to Porsche exhaust maintenance and more, we’re certified experts when it comes to Porsche factory maintenance in Southern California.

Given that we’re located in the Los Angeles area, we may or may not have come across a famous Porsche owner or two in our time here…maybe even more. Of course, we’re not going to disclose such details, but this is Southern California, after all. Hollywood is only a hop, skip and a jump away! Below, we’re going to cover some (surprising) celebrities who have owned or currently own a Porsche.

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Jerry Seinfeld

Aside from Jay Leno, Seinfeld is practically the king of celebrity car enthusiasts — and hey, at least he has pretty good taste. Actually, when it comes to collecting Porches in general, Seinfeld is in a league of his own with some 47 Porsches collected over time. Of course, he had to put several of them up for auction because really, who can afford to own, let alone take proper care of such a German automotive fleet? His collection of rare Porsches, at least at one point, totaled a massive $22 million! His 1955 Porsche 550 Spyder alone was worth around $5,355,000. That’s a beauty that we’d have to exercise extreme caution working on…

Keanu Reeves

Who doesn’t love good ol’ Keanu? His first Porsche was a relatively modest black 911 Carrera 4S (993) with a manual transmission (good taste, Keanu). Unfortunately, his first Porsche was apparently stolen while he was away filming a movie. Due to his love of the Porsche brand, inspired by playing with Porsche Matchbox toys as a kid, he soon replaced the 993 with a 991.

Ellen DeGeneres

This famous comedian, actress, and talk show host also happens to have a great taste in automobiles. Owning a black 911 Targa 4S, a silver 993 and a black Cayenne, you can probably spot Ellen driving around Southern California in one of these if you drove long enough. Of course, her love of the Porsche brand was meant to be, being that she’s married to actress Portia de Rossi. It was love at first drive!

LeBron James

Widely considered one of the world’s best basketball players, LeBron rose to fame quickly. LeBron owns a 911 Turbo S, a convertible that he enjoys taking on road trips with his buddies (who also own Porsches). As a good son, he shared the Porsche love and bought his mother a white Porsche Panamera for her birthday back in 2014.

Hilary Duff

It’s refreshing to see a child/pre-teen star not completely derail their life after their initial stardom. Riding the wave of her acting and singing success, Hilary Duff has owned a white Porsche Panamera as well as a black Porsche 911 Carrera S more recently.

Ken Griffey, Jr.

Former legendary baseball player with the Seattle Mariners (as well as the Cincinnati Reds and Chicago White Sox), Ken enjoyed a lengthy and successful baseball career of some 22 years. Considered one of the better outfielders who ever played the sport, he now works as a consultant for the Mariners. He also happens to be a co-owner of a Porsche dealership, believe it or not. An owner of the ever-cool Porsche Carrera GT, you just might be able to find Griffey Jr. at Porsche of Hilton Head in South Carolina.

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