As we mentioned in our most recent blog post, this summer has been a busy one here at HOUSE Automotive. We’ve helped out countless Porsche owners by repairing, maintaining, and even upgrading the performance of many different models. It brings us joy knowing that we’re fueling people’s automotive passions through our extensive services. Porsche owners in Pasadena know that if they’re in search of reliable and trustworthy Porsche service in the area, HOUSE Automotive is the obvious and sensible choice.

What’s Been Going On Lately On Our Facebook Page

Our Facebook page reflects how busy we’ve been this summer. We’ve seen just about every model that you could image roll through our shop, most of which put a massive smile on the faces of our techs. For those who aren’t very engaged on social media these days, we understand where you’re coming from. That’s why we’ve conveniently touched on some of the highlighted services and perks that we’re offering on our Facebook page below!

From cars and coffee to early Saturday morning group drives and everything in between, check out what’s been going on and what we’ve been offering the Porsche community in southern California.

Free Multi-Point Inspection For Our Clients

We want to treat our return customers right. To us, the relationship between Porsche owners and the team who keeps them in pristine mechanical condition should be more of a friendship. That’s why we always offer a 100 percent free, comprehensive multi-point inspection to make sure that nothing has gone awry since we last saw your car.

Think of this inspection as somewhat of a “doctor’s appointment” for your Porsche. For the health of your vehicle, we generally recommend seeing us twice a year for general maintenance and service as well as checking your brakes, tires, engine codes, and so forth.

Free Flatbed Services

Every Porsche enthusiast knows that the proper way to tow one is with a flatbed truck so as not to damage the expensive drivetrain. Porsche enthusiasts also know that breakdowns occur at the most inconvenient of times, and sometimes you have to get your car towed in. Let us pick up the bill!

With pick up and drop off services available, all you need to do is contact our friendly service advisors.

Discounts for PCA Members

If we’re fanboys, then consider us strong, supporting members of the Porsche Club of America. PCA is an integral part of the Porsche community, bringing together like-minded enthusiasts for a good cause. That’s why we’re more than happy to throw fellow PCA members a nice discount for our repair services; trust us when we say that we’re as passionate about your ride as you are.

Performance Upgrades

You may be surprised at the number of fully-functional Porsches that roll into our shop. These visits are for performance upgrades, something that we truly enjoy doing for our valued customers. HOUSE Automotive offers performance intake upgrades, exhaust and header system upgrades, and software tuning options. We only use reputable parts from trusted companies that we’ve partnered with, ensuring that you’re getting quality performance upgrades that will stand the best of time (and they’ll be extremely enjoyable when “utilized”).

Air Conditioning Service

After a total scorcher of a summer, we’ve seen quite a few customers roll into our shop just to get their A/C recharged and refreshed. Porsche recommends an A/C recharge every 4 years depending on your usage, especially right before the summer. Typically, this service only takes about one hour, so you can hang out and chat with our techs or ogle at the other Porsches we have on site.

Shuttling Our Customers Around

When you Porsche is in for major service that takes more than a day, we’re more than happy to take you back home or get you where you need to be. For many of our customers, that’s to and from work. We don’t just get you there — we get you there in a Porsche! Our resident shuttle, the orange Cayenne with black rims, helps our customers feel a little more at home by riding around in a Porsche.

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