If you’re not an avid fan of Porsche motorsports, then the news might not mean much to you. However, if you, for example, followed the 1979 24 Hours of Le Mans back in the day, then the title of this blog post likely put a big smile on your face. Then again, you probably already heard about the big news.

Indeed, Porsche turned 70 years old this year. RM Sotheby’s held a special auction to commemorate this milestone of a year, and there’s been a whole lot going on as a brand this year in 2018. We might be independent Porsche mechanics living halfway across the world, but we’ve really been feeling the Porsche love this year at HOUSE Automotive. What can we say? We’re proud of the brand that we know and love.

The Legacy Of The Original 935

At the intersection of aesthetics and functionality lies the Porsche 935. In the racing circuit, the 935 approached near-legendary status after taking multiple endurance race titles including the likes of the Sebring and Daytona. With a total of 123 big wins, the legendary status of the 935 within Porsche racing was essentially cemented.

Backed by a number of prestigious accomplishments within the professional racing circuit, enthusiasts were no doubt impressed by a model colloquially known as “Moby Dick.” The name is due to the whale tail-like rear-end of the vehicle, what was once considered to be the pinnacle of vehicular aerodynamics — at least, in terms of racing.

Modern Meets Retro In This Extremely Limited-Edition Model

Now, there’s a brand new iteration of the Moby Dick. Based on the current-gen 911 GT2 RS and incorporating elements from the 919 Hybrid LMP1, the 911 GTR3 R, and even the 908. Even though it’s actually less powerful at 690 bhp compared to the original 935, it’s still a beast.

Porsche is quite clever with their design, given that the exterior incorporates elements of the models we just mentioned. The aerodynamic, capped rims are mirrored from the OG 935, while the 919 Hybrid LMP1 race car inspired the rear LED lights on the massive wing. The 911 GTR3 brought forth the new 935’s side mirrors. As for the 908? That model inspired the exposed titanium tailpipes originated fitted back in 1968.

Essentially, the Porsche 935 is a smorgasbord of Porsche motorsport elements, and we couldn’t love it any more than we already do. It’s more than just a modernized 935.


There might not be nearly as much turbo lag in the reboot as there was in the original 935, but there’s also less horsepower in the newbie. While about 150 horses are sacrificed, that’s made up with the fact that the reboot only weighs just shy of 1,400 kilograms, or just over a ton and a half. For a monster race car, that’s on the lighter side of things.

Porsche themselves describe the new 935 as a “turnkey” (get it?) race car based on the current GT2 RS, one of the brand’s fastest road-legal, full-on production vehicles ever made. Unfortunately, the Polizei won’t look too kindly on this one because the new 935 is far from road-legal. We can’t say that was much of a surprise.

Not unlike the current GT2 RS, the 935 also utilizes a 7-speed PDK-gearbox with short gearshifts and a dual mass flywheel.

Who’s Going To Get Their Hands On One Of These?

Not many people. In fact, only 77 models will be produced and sold to the “public” to commemorate this 1978 model Porsche. Why 77 and not 78? That’s because Porsche is gifting themselves a 935 to celebrate their 70th anniversary as a company. Hey, we’re not above being birthday divas, so we say, have at it!

Our guess is that these 77 lucky individuals are Porsche brand influencers such as race directors and celebrity Porsche enthusiasts. Even with a sticker price of over 700k, we’re still confident that Jerry Seinfeld could afford one.

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