The feeling is, truly, unlike anything else. From the first glance in a dealership parking lot to the first time the engine is revved up, Porsche 911 Carrera owners are able to recall exactly what they experienced the first time they got their 911 — with remarkable clarity.

The Carrera 911 Is A Memorable Vehicle. It Should Be Celebrated!

It is said that major milestones in our lives serve as formative experiences accompanying by lasting memories, so it’s hardly any wonder why a proud, brand new 911 owner would remember the day they bought their prized possession. As for each and every drive since then? Well, it’s impossible to remember every single detail during each moment, but we have no doubt that every 911 carries the same spirit decades later as it did the day it rolled off the factory line.

HOUSE Automotive Is Excited About The New 911. Are You?

If you’ve followed our blog recently, then you’d know we’re really bent on the 911 lately because we’re excited about the new release of the 992-generation. The latest iteration of Porsche’s flagship model (and quite possibly one of the single most iconic sports cars in history) has our independent Porsche mechanics eager to see one of these bad boys roll through our shop, though we’re confident that won’t happen for quite some time.

Sharing Your Story

What is happening right now, however, is My Porsche 911 Story. The official Porsche brand is offering 911 owners of all types and backgrounds to submit their own experience about their very own 911 (or 911s, if you’re fortunate enough to own multiple models). This idea is truly brilliant because it’ll serve as a wonderful compilation of different wins, frustrations, exhilarating moments, funny pranks, and worthwhile memories of different 911 owners around the globe.

How It Works

How does it work, you may wonder? My Porsche 911 Story is actually pretty simple. All you have to do is go to and fill out some information about your location, title of your experience (limited to 100 characters) and description of your experience (limited to only 3,000 characters — not enough, in our professional opinion!).

From there, you’ll write a short statement capturing the essence of your 911 experience, and submit a number of photos or videos with your 911. You’ll then finalize everything by working with Porsche’s WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor to make the design look good. After that, you’ll be all set to share your Porsche story in style!

Why Is The 911 So Significant?

We consistently brag about Porsche’s pride and joy in our blog posts, but what is it exactly that makes the Carrera 911 so legendary? Ultimately, there’s a lot of subjectivity behind that answer. It’s not just the fact that it’s one of the best-driving machines of all time, but it also looks drop-dead gorgeous despite relatively minimal design overhauls over the decades.

The price point of the 911 can vary quite a bit. You can spend a few grand for a very-used 911 from several decades ago (of course, we can’t promise how reliable this vehicle will be), or you can opt for a GT3 or GT2 RS with all of the packages, generally topping out somewhere between $250-300k. Is that an absurd amount of money for a car? To your standard consumer, yes. But to someone who’s in the market to buy a Lamborghini, Ferrari, or another conventional exotic that’s easily $300k+, the 911 offers better longevity, reliability, long-term value, and in all honesty, a purer driving experience.

Express Your Vehicular Pride

Ultimately, there are many reasons why this timeless sports car will always remain legendary. These reasons, again, are often personal, but now is the chance to share them thanks to this great opportunity that Porsche is providing drivers around the world.

Let Our Independent Porsche Shop In Los Angeles Take Care Of Your Porsche

911 or not, HOUSE Automotive will always take care of your vehicle with the utmost pride and care. It’s our passion and our honor to do so!

Feel free to schedule an appointment for service, preventative maintenance, or simply get in touch with us if you have any questions about our Porsche repair center.

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