The future for automobiles might be electric as we progressively phase out our fossil fuel consumption, but that doesn’t mean this new wave of electric cars is going to be slow or boring. EV pioneers like Tesla have paved a smooth path for other car manufacturers to start rolling out more hybrid and 100 percent electric vehicles, proving that the instant torque and zero-emission qualities of EVs are, to say the least, marketable. Visit virtually any tech-conscious city in the world and you’ll quickly notice just how much electric vehicles and hybrids have caught on in recent years.

Porsche Goes Electric

Porsche is no stranger to the game. A while back, we blogged about the Mission E, Porsche’s latest push to develop a functional, stylish and rather fast all-electric vehicle. Though the concept was originally unveiled back in 2015, the German automotive giant has been hard at work developing their EV line. Now, the original mission E concept has a model name that sounds very Porsche-esque: the Taycan.

HOUSE Automotive, your trusted Porsche repair shop in Pasadena, takes a close look at the Taycan in today’s blog post. Though we’re not exactly servicing electric Porsche vehicles (yet!), feel free to schedule an appointment for a Porsche oil change, a brake fluid flush, factory maintenance, or anything else that you need. Our passionate Porsche technicians have you covered.

What’s a Taycan?

That’s a great question to begin with. If the name sounds like something that Porsche’s clever marketing executives came up with during a drawing board meeting overlooking Stuttgart, you’re on the right train of thought. “Taycan” can roughly be translated to “lively young horse,” so maybe the moniker has something to do with a fresh take on clean energy driving horsepower. Perhaps we’re already looking into this a little too deeply.

In any case, brand officials say that the name signifies the world’s first all-electric vehicle with the soul of a Porsche. We can’t argue with that!

Performance Specs

We’ll just jump straight to the good stuff and give our readers what they want. The Taycan is situated with two permanently “excited” synchronous motors, or PSM, providing a total output of over 600hp. What that translates to is a 0-100 km/h time of around (or even less than) 3.5 seconds, and a 0-200 km/h time of under 12 seconds. In freedom units, this car will be extremely fast and torquey.

Even Teslas performance specs can’t compete with the Taycan’s innovative “continuous power level” that allows multiple jump starts in succession without the loss of performance. Essentially, you’re constantly and consistently getting power to the wheels.

Implications For the Porsche Brand

As the push for all-electric, clean energy vehicles continues to accelerate, Porsche will continue to shift their efforts to their Mission E department. This is projected to result in a number of financial and logistical implications for Porsche (as provided by this newsroom article):

  • The Taycan will create roughly 1,200 new jobs in their Zuffenhausen plant
  • By 2022, Porsche will invest over 6 billion euros in EV research and development
  • Engine plant conversion is expected, re-fabricating existing engine plants into electric drive production centers and extended body construction departments
  • A new factory will be dedicated as a paint shop and assembly facility and to drive units to the final assembly area
  • Roughly 500 million euros will be allocated toward developing variants and derivatives of the Taycan
  • Around 700 million euros will go toward boosting new technologies, charging infrastructures and “smart mobility” engineering

All things considered, Porsche will be working toward a greener, cleaner tomorrow while maintaining the integrity and authenticity of their brand. Again, we can’t really say that we’re experienced in working on electric vehicles because we’ve yet to see a full-on Porsche EV roll through our Porsche repair center, but we’ll be ready for that day when it comes.

Porsche’s Attempt to Make Efficiency Even More Efficient

Electric vehicles are great, but the uber-long charge times, lack of convenient charging stations, and poor mileage range discourage countless people from making the switch. Those are completely legitimate reasons not to own an EV, and Porsche is addressing these issues with the advent of the Taycan.

With a range of around or even greater than 500 km, that’s more than other electric vehicles on the market can boast about. What’s even better is that Porsche claims the Taycan can get about 100 km of charge in roughly four minutes. Four minutes!  That’s enough “fuel” to drive around town and get your groceries for several days in the time that it takes you to listen to one song. Color us impressed!

What Are Your Thoughts?

Can an electric vehicle really embody the true spirit of a Porsche without the characteristic sound of a flat-six? There’s no doubt that motorsports are changing, but we have high hopes for sporty and fun-to-drive all-electric vehicles. Neck-breaking speed and clean energy? That sounds like a win/win to us.

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