The beginning of this year marked another milestone for Porsche with their ninth experience center opening in Tokyo. Located in the city of Kisarazu, the new Porsche Experience Center (PEC) offers unique and exciting activities and experiences for Porsche enthusiasts focused on their luxury sports cars and brand. 

Read on to learn more about the Tokyo PEC, and if you are in need of service, repair, or maintenance for your Porsche in Pasadena or Encino, schedule an appointment with HOUSE Auto Group today. 

The Building Design

Located in Tokyo, it’s no surprise that the exterior of the building features an Edo Kiriko, a traditional Japanese glass craft that dates back more than a century and involves cutting patterns into the surface of glass. You’ll also find beautifully executed yaraimon patterns on the exterior of the new PEC.

Inside the PEC building in Tokyo, you can see traditional Japanese plastering as well as other architectural features indicative of Japanese culture. 

The Track 

The new PEC in Tokyo features a 2.1-kilometer track that utilizes Japan’s natural environmental elements to create a unique 3D experience. Featuring a low-friction handling circuit with a polished concrete surface and tight curves, the new track allows drivers to really get a feel for the balance and world-class handling of a Porsche.

The track at the PEC in Tokyo also features a Kick Plate, similar to the one at the Los Angeles PEC. This flush-mounted hydraulic plate is set flush to the road inducing the loss of rear-wheel traction, putting the car into a skid. This feature is designed to help train drivers to “catch” the slide and learn how to better control their car.  

Additionally, the Tokyo PEC features a Drift Circle equipped with a sprinkler system to help drivers hone their skills with the help of Porsche coaches. All in all, the new experience center features six driver training modules.

Other Attractions

The PEC in Tokyo offers more than just a track and driver training modules. Visitors can see all of the newest Porsche models on display. Virtual driving modules can also be found inside the PEC building, as well as a lounge with a bar, and more. The PEC in Tokyo is truly a Porsche-enthusiasts dream. 

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