Everyone knows that a Porsche looks just as good from afar as it drives. Well, according to our biased opinion, at least. Whether we’re enjoying the thrill of watching high-performance Porsche track cars blaze by us at blistering speeds or we’re attending a local car show where enthusiasts show off their prized, freshly-cleaned vehicles, there’s hardly any doubt that just about anything made by Porsche is anything less than easy on the eyes. Well, again, maybe that’s just our biased opinion as the go-to Porsche repair shop in Pasadena and Los Angeles.

Can you really blame us, though? Just look at this iconic styling.

Our Passion For The Porsche Brand

So, we’ll admit it — we really do have a shameless eye for the Porsche brand. However, HOUSE Automotive also has a passion for working on and upkeeping Porsches just like yours. With our expert Porsche factory maintenance services, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best service and repair jobs from certified, independent Porsche mechanics who do the job right every time.

Our Independent Porsche Mechanics Treat Your Car Like Our Own

To us, your Porsche isn’t just another European sports car. It’s more than that — it’s a Porsche. That’s all we’ve ever worked on, and that’s all we’re going to continue working on for as long as we can imagine. Find the right Porsche mechanic with us and skip the dealership upcharges by scheduling an appointment with HOUSE Automotive today!

As easy on the eyes as Porsches are to us, we also enjoy our fair share of movies (you know, just like nearly everyone else). Why not combine the best of both worlds by taking a look at various Porsche models throughout time as seen on the big screen? That’s what we’ll be covering below in today’s blog post.

1994 911 Turbo As Seen In Bad Boys (1995)

In terms of a classic Porsche being driven away from a massive, Michael Bay explosion, it’s hard to beat the original Bad Boys. A story complete with cops, romance, and of course, the iconic Porsche 911, you really can’t go wrong. And did we mention that it’s owned by Will Smith’s character, Mike Lowrey?

Will Smith makes the most uncool of things very cool, and when you put him in the driver’s seat of a car that’s already just about as cool as it gets, you get a coolness factor that’s pretty much off the charts. Well, at least we think so.

1956 356 Speedster As Seen In Top Gun (1986)

We’ll admit — the model used in this film is, unfortunately, a replica. But does that make it any less good looking or “too cool for school?” Truly, the 356 Speedster went down as one of the most iconic, “I want to drive this around town” convertibles of the 80s, and quite possibly, of all of film history.

1982 911 SC As Seen In Office Space (1999)

Though he drives a much more exciting Porsche model than his otherwise bland personality would suggest, that scene where Bill Lumbergh is forced to park in a handicapped spot because Peter took his assigned space is nothing but a classic one. That Minerva blue paint job coupled with Porsche’s well-known Fuchs rim style truly makes for a flashy vehicle that you may expect your manager to drive, especially if they’re constantly asking you about when you’re going to complete your TPS Report.

As a little-known fact, apparently, there were two different 911 SC models used during the filming of Office Space. Both, to this day (and to our current knowledge), currently survive as PCA (Porsche Club of America) Club Racing cars. To sit where Gary Cole once sat must truly be a managerial honor.

1989 911 Carrera 964 As Seen In Atomic Blonde (2017)

If you’ve never seen Charlize Theron’s take on Daniel Craig’s James Bond character in Atomic Blonde, then you wouldn’t know just how much European automotive eye candy is in this film. Doing Bond justice as a strong female leading role, you’ll enjoy tons of action in this spy thriller — think CIA, MI6, and KGB type elements. Of the easy-on-the-eyes cars that you’ll see in this flick, the Alfa Romeo Montreal and Audi Quattro V8 are noteworthy…but then you see that stunning, then-new Carrera 4 (based on when the movie takes place).

Fitted with cup wheels and that oh-so-perfect Turbo tail wing at the rear, this is essentially the Porsche equivalent of Bond’s lineup of Aston Martin vehicles. The slick black paint job only does this on-screen 911 even more justice.

1979 Porsche 928 As Seen In Risky Business (1983)

The movie that effectively put Tom Cruise on the map also helped put the Porsche brand on the map in the United States. Well, not that Porsche was necessarily unknown at the time, but it helps to see a cool character driving around an even cooler car, especially for the early 80s. The fact that this 928 does get dumped into Lake Michigan as a part of the movie’s story does make the inner enthusiast in us cringe a little bit, but it is also essentially the center element of the plot.

Truly, without the 928, the story of Risky Business wouldn’t even be possible when you consider that the story revolves around destroying and subsequently restoring this car.

Porsche 911 (Year Unknown) As Seen In American Psycho (2000)

What do you drive to escape from the cops after you go on a killing spree? Well, if you’re Patrick Bateman, you’re apparently going to choose a jet black Porsche 911. Of course, it’s unsure if that would have been this fictional character’s preference seeing as how Bateman desperately tries to break into a number of vehicles before taking the 911 in a getaway-like fashion. We won’t let that speak to any of Porsche’s security flaws, but Bateman did first try and break into a Mercedes, a BMW, and a Jaguar. Of course, this is also a movie, and it did make for a pretty cool scene as a total psychopath desperately attempts to flee the cops in a really good looking Porsche.

Reliable, Independent Porsche Mechanics No Matter What Model You Drive

You don’t have to own a movie-famous Porsche to get outstanding Porsche factory service from our experts here at HOUSE Automotive. We might be thrilled if you do bring in a Porsche that’s been on the big screen, but we’re just excited to work on any and every model that comes in our shop doors.

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