We’ll be candid: we offer aftermarket performance upgrades to boost the speed, sound, and overall performance of your Porsche, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with OEM parts from our all-time favorite manufacturer: Oldsmobile. We’re joking! In all seriousness, we really do love stock Porsches because they’re built just as Porsche themselves intended. In other words, they’re perfect straight off of the factory line.

Performance Tuning and Modifications For Your Porsche

If you’re interested in software tuning in the way of a complete Stage 1 overhaul (center muffler bypass system) or just software-only tuning, we can hook you up. If you’re in search of a more aggressive exhaust setup, our aftermarket brand partnerships combined with the handiwork of our reputable mechanics makes for a surefire exhaust upgrade. How about a performance intake upgrade for your Panamera Turbo? We’re not a dedicated performance shop by any means, but we offer more performance upgrades than you’d think.

Brands Worthy of HOUSE Automotive

So, if you’re in the area to visit our Porsche repair specialists for more than just standard Porsche repair or service, we urge you to read a little bit about the aftermarket brands that we work with, including (but not necessarily limited to):

  • BMC Air Filters
  • Sharkwerks
  • Dundon Motorsports

  • Fabspeed
  • Evolution Motorsports
  • IPD (Innovative Pro Design)

Let’s get started!

BMC Air Filters

Though they’re based in Bologna, Italy, BMC is a world-renowned name in top-quality automotive and motorcycle air filters. They design high-performance air filters for racing, street use, and as composite parts. Their cotton filters, according to the BMC website, are produced with the same technology and materials as F1 cars.

BMC’s high-performance filters designed for the Cayman GT4 are a serious upgrade worth considering.


This Bay Area-based Porsche tuning company has become well-known due to their selection of high-quality aftermarket parts. From the Panamera to the Cayenne and 997 Turbo, they’re serious about their commitment to true Porsche enthusiasts (you know, such as ourselves).

They say it best on their website:

Because we love Porsches so much, we treat each and every one that comes through our doors as one of our own. We only offer and install components that have been tested on our own vehicles, including Shark Werks’ line of in-house developed products.”

It’s true that our independent Porsche mechanics don’t develop our own line of tuning products, but we will treat every car that comes through our shop with the same level of care as our own ride. It’s values like these that lead to partnerships with reputable aftermarket brands like Sharkwerks.

Dundon Motorsports

These Pacific Northwest gearheads offer more than just aftermarket performance parts and tuning. They actually offer full-on service like us, though we serve two completely different areas of the country! Specifically, we’ve teamed up with Dundon to get our hands on their 981 GT4/Spyder Race Headers, and let us say that these headers sound absolutely righteous. They’re a definitive upgrade for your Cayman or Boxster.


Fabspeed is no stranger to the aftermarket performance market, having worked with major automotive brands like Maserati, Aston Martin, Ferrari, McLaren, Audi, and BMW. Oh, and how could we forget Lamborghini?

We work with Fabspeed to get our hands on their aftermarket exhaust for the 997.2 Carrera S. We’ll let you decide how the system sounds in this video.

Evolution Motorsports

This is our trusty source for high-quality software tuning. Their Evomsit software tune for the 991 or a 2012 and later 911 Carrera will add on performance gains of around 32hp and 25tq with a software + center muffler bypass system tune and installation.

IPD (Innovative Pro Design)

True gearheads know about the importance of airflow when it comes to performance and acceleration. The good folks over at IPD make what they call “the best bolt-on performance upgrades for late model Porsches”, and we’re not going to argue with them on that point. If you want easy performance gains for your Cayenne or Panamera Turbo, an IPD plenum is a great way to go.

Visit HOUSE Automotive For Porsche Service and Performance Upgrades In Pasadena!

Life is too short to drive a boring vehicle, but it’s also too long to suffer from the use of low-quality parts. If you have any questions about the brands that we trust and work with, get in touch with our independent Porsche mechanics today.

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